Thursday, June 22, 2006


Day 3 of the convoy.
Travel free day.

It was a slow day. We started with breakfast at 8:15a.m., with the three D’s: Dan, Dana, and David. We took a left and pulled through town trying to find a quick bite to eat. It was Sunday in Salt Lake City and everything looked closed. So, we drove to the Capital Building and saw four cyclists and asked them where we could get something to eat. Nick looked like the leader of the group. He was in the dressed brightest spandex with the top being a bright yellow and red. He told Dana and Dan (they were in the front seat of the Hudson), that his uncle owned a place and to put it on his tab. So far on this trip, this is the kindest thing anyone has done for me.

The diner that we went to was called Ogie’s Café and it was a really amazing place. It had people from all walks of life there. The food was great, large portions of towering hash browns and fluffy eggs that were like air. After trying to eat all of it I felt that I was going to explode. So if you are ever in Salt Lake City and you ever make it to Ogie’s Café ask for George (Ogie) and tell them to put it on Nicks tab.


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